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For a new start without inherited burdens

Environmentally friendly, efficient and professional

You would like to clear out or muck out your residential property? Then we are your partner. Competent advice. Many years of experience. On-schedule execution. Fair conditions.

Often there is a lack of space in the new home or certain pieces of furniture no longer fit into the new home. Our removal team takes over the furniture and disposes of it in an environmentally friendly way. Use your move as an opportunity to put an end to old burdens – a clean new start. Save yourself a lot of work and time and leave the correct disposal of furniture, files and any other unusable removal goods to us.

Our service quickly provides space and order.

We can clear out apartments, shops and offices or clear out your attics, cellars or warehouses. Bulky waste that is no longer usable is removed by us and disposed of professionally.


  • Professional apartment liquidation
  • Takeover of problem cases such as messi flats
  • Closures of shops, stores, offices and medical practices
  • Professional dismantling of facilities
  • Storage or recycling of EDP and electronic waste

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