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Furniture storage for all needs

Safe | Dry | Professional

Don't you have a place to stay at home or in business? No problem we have the storage space you need now!

Do you need spontaneous storage space? We offer you storage space throughout Switzerland, for any purpose and for any duration: For the permanent storage of your inventory when you move house or for the permanent storage of your sports equipment or your bulky machinery. We offer you a specific opinion, expert storage from old property to belong belong to household.

Also sensitive objects, such as pianos, antique furniture or even valuables are with us in terms of upholstery and becoming and the optimal buying age. In our climate-related, which you have received, you have your personal storage compartment, to yours you – after a contact received – as fast as possible access.

  • furniture
  • the leather suite
  • antiques
  • musical instruments
  • pictures
  • files
  • concerns and equipment in the annex
  • NO storage of complaints, chemicals or explosive material

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